Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Diva Divine Guarantee

Diva Divine offers a one month return / exchange policy on its Diva Divine Brand (Range) of hair extensions and wigs. In addition, installations at a Diva Divine Flagship store or Franchise is guaranteed for a full month (Installation Policy applicable to Diva Divine Flagship stores and franchises only)

We are not aware of any other company in the industry offering a guarantee of this nature. As a norm in the industry, hair extensions and wigs are sold as-is with no returns possible.

Terms and Condition Apply – see below

In the event of a client being dissatisfied with an installation, the client needs to come through as soon as possible, so as not to exacerbate the problem, to enable both Diva Divine (senior manager representative) and the installer to assess the cause of the problem:

  1. An installation problem
  2. A product problem
  3. A maintenance problem

Diva Divine will gladly redo the installation, free of charge, if problem relates to poor installation. In the event of a product related problem the hair will be replaced and the installation redone free of charge. In the event of a maintenance issue then Diva Divine is not responsible, but will endeavour to do whatever it can to resolve the issue as well as to advise the client on the correct maintenance procedures to follow. The maintenance procedures (after care instructions) are included in the product packaging as well as handed out to clients after each installation. Should a client decide to go to a third party service provider, such as another salon to attempt to repair the “installation problem“ without first consulting Diva Divine then this guarantee becomes null and void.

Product Return Policy: Hair can be returned within 4 weeks from date of purchase, provided it has never been used. This is due to hygienic reasons. A restocking fee of 15% will be charged if a refund is requested. For exchanges there are no fees charged unless there is a difference in price. If the hair is defective in any manner, it will be evident within four weeks of the date of purchase. Please test the hair by washing it a few times to ensure there is no matting or tangling as well as by brushing the hair regularly to ensure there is no shedding. If you experience any of these problems then please return within the four week period and we will gladly exchange your product.

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