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Diva Divine is a well reputed supplier and manufacturer of hair extension tools and accessories at competitive prices giving our customers direct access to individual and retail quantities.

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At Diva Divine International we make the highest quality long lasting tools accessible to importers, wholesalers, retailers and end customers. We want our customers to be able to get the best hair extension tools at the most affordable price.

Our tools are designed in unique styles that capture both aesthetic appeal and simplicity. They are easy to use for both Professional Stylists & other Home Users – saving time and money!

Guarantee: Diva Divine offers a one month return / exchange policy on its Diva Divine Brand (Range) of Tools. We are not aware of any other company in the industry offering a guarantee of this nature. As a norm in the industry Tools are sold as is and no returns possible. Terms and Conditions apply. There is also a three month Guarantee on electrical tools purchased from us. We will either fix or replace the item should you experience technical problems within this period.

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