Candi & Co


Candi & co is South Africa’s first franchised ethnic (and non ethnic, as well) hair salon that brings you international class hair-care services and products that aren’t most effective affordable, however authentically stunning too.
Candi & co offers braids, curls, twists, knots, weaves, relaxers, boosters, shampoos and conditioners, now not to say consultations plus schooling for all hair types. oh, and they are without a doubt kiddie friendly, so deliver the whipper snappers along, plus you could also get your nails carried out on the same time.

diva divine

Diva Divine South Africa

143 Corlett Drive
South Africa
T: +27 11 786 5675
Trading Hours Mon – Fri, 09: 00– 18:00 | Sat, 09:00 – 16:00 | Sun by appointment only